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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.            How is your olive oil different from other olive oils?

A.            Our olive oil is of single source, the origin is controlled and guaranteed and it is naturally produced through single, continuous, cold-press extraction. The oil is not heated, modified, blended, refined or adulterated in any way.  In addition, local growing conditions, soil, climate, tree management techniques, harvesting methods, cultivar (olive) variety, how quickly olives are milled and pressed, and storage conditions will determine quantity and quality of the oil produced each year.  The oil may not taste exactly the same from one year’s harvest to the next.


Q.            Why does the oil leave a burning sensation at the back of the throat?

A.            The villagers say that when you feel that peppery sensation, it means it is real olive oil. The fresher and purer the olive oil, the stronger the sensation. The taste is due to the natural phytochemicals present in olive oil.


Q.            How long will your olive oil keep?

A.            Our olive oil is a natural product. Once opened, consume the oil within 3 to 4 months. It will keep longer than that, but we recommend using it daily in your food.  If unopened and stored in a cool, dark place, our olive oil keeps well. One of our customers brought back a small quantity of oil he purchased from us two years earlier to compare it with the new production.  That oil was still flavourful and aromatic.  But if you buy our oil to store it for a long time unused, you are missing the whole point about fresh, natural food. Please use and enjoy the oil regularly.


Q.            Does olive oil have to be refrigerated?

A.            No, do not refrigerate olive oil. Remember that the majority of olive oil originates from Mediterranean countries that until recent times, most homes had no refrigeration.  Olive oil will turn cloudy and thicken when refrigerated after a few days.  When it is brought to room temperature it will liquefy again.


Q.            Should I use olive oil for cooking?

A.            Olive oil has a low smoking point: keep the heat down when frying and sautéing.  High temperature frying denatures olive oil by diminishing its properties, flavour and aroma.  To enjoy the goodness of olive oil, use it raw as much as possible e.g. in salads, sauces, marinades, on bread, bruschetta,  pizza, and vegetables,  or as a last-minute addition in soups, stir-fries, and for BBQ bastings. Try it to flavour popcorn!


Q.            Can I use olive oil as a skin lotion and moisturizer for dry or chapped skin?

A.            Absolutely!  After washing, do not completely dry your skin. Gently rub in a few drops of oil. The water moisture aids absorption. Olive oil contains phytochemicals that moisturize skin tissue.  Olive oil has historically been used to massage muscles and as a dressing for cuts and abrasions.


Q.            Does olive oil have to be refined to make it edible?

A.            Olive oil is derived from raw olives. The fruit cannot be eaten raw because they are very bitter. However, the oil extracted from olives does not have to be processed artificially through refining and chemicals to make it edible or digestible.